Salty and fatty with a touch of acid, tacos pair perfectly with our Mexican-inspired beer, cider from Oklahoma fresh-pressed apples, margarita-based agave wine, and beer focused wine. Enjoy our family of beverages alongside exquisite scratch-made Mexican faire.

Hunter  and Anna Gambill


About Gambill's

In 2017, we started Oklahoma Distilling Company and quickly got to work on Angry Bear, Oklahoma's first cidery. During this time, we basically lived on tacos. Luckily, tacos are truly the perfect pairing for ciders. So, when we started dreaming about a brewery for our spot in Oklahoma City, we knew we wanted tacos to share the stage with our Mexican-inspired beers.

We brew beer at our location in Oklahoma City, while we make Angry Bear ciders and meads, and wines under the banner of Zoey Urban Winery at our Tulsa spot. We also have some other Gambill endeavors we're proud of too. All focus on scratch-made food and hand crafted beverages.

Projects, Partnerships, Endeavors

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